Preservation - Ultra High Pressure Homogenization (UHPH) is a technology with applications mainly focused on the continuous treatment of fluid food products. Our industry-leading Homogenizers offer ultra high pressures up to 60,000 psi (410 MPa) with unrivalled performance and versatility for multiple applications. Learn more below.

Preservation - UHPH - Applications

The benefits of Preservation - UHPH include shelf-life extension through the inactivation of microorganisms and improvements in functionality due to increased emulsion capacity and stability, with minimal effects on nutritional value.

Advances in new homogenisation valves, such as unique piston gap valves and micro channels (interaction chambers), have opened new opportunities to homogenization processing in multiple industries.

High processing pressures result in higher tempertures, so it is necessary to instantly cool down the fluid after UHPH processing while avoiding any heat damage to processed products. We offer a range of sophisticated cooling systems that will help you reach this objective.

Features and Benefits - our Homogenizers for UHPH

Ultra High pressures up to to 60,000 psi (420 MPa, 4200 bar)

Flow rates to 330 l/hr (87 USG/hr)

Power consumption is typically lower than other processing technologies so a reduction in production costs is possible

Processing options of piston gap valves and micro channels (interaction chambers) to ensure optimised and customised processing to suit the application

Easy to service, easy to clean, easy to operate, simple operation, versatile and robust

Twin synchronised intensifier for continuous smooth operation and consistent processing

Sophisticated temperature control systems, enabling pre-cooling or pre-heating, post-cooling and maintaining the process section at a constant temperature (for products where this is critical to maintain smooth flow)

CIP and SIP capability

Stansted Production Homogenizer

Stansted Production Homogenizer

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