Homogenising Systems Limited is a UK registered company specialising in the design and global support of our industry-leading high pressure Homogenizers. We are part of the Stansted Fluid Power Products Ltd group.

Homogenising Systems Ltd

Drawing on over 45 years of experience in advancing the technology of high, and Ultra high pessure industrial fluid processing applications.

Our Homogenising Systems - features and benefits

Process pressure - the highest available, up to 60,000 psi / 410 MPa / 4200 bar - yielding the smallest particle sizes and disrupting the toughest cells

Scalability - formulations developed on our Laboratory homogenizer are upward scalable to the pilot and Production scale homogenizers

Multiple options for both temperture control and process flow volumes.

Ease of use and safety - electronically controlled, push-button operation, with clear digital pressure display, safety covers and interlocks to prevent unsafe operation.

Low cost of ownership and easy to service - consumable items are inexpensive, very reliable and readily accessible to the operator with only basic tools.

Durability - industrial electro-hydraulic system with slow moving intensifier(s), with all process-wetted parts are made from highly durable pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel and polymers, impervious to most solvents and non-contaminating - maximizes reliability and durability.

Constant pressure - pneumatically controlled valve ensures constant processing pressure - yields the narrowest particle size distributions.

Improved processing efficiency for multiple applications

Cell Lysis / Cell Disruption.

Particle Size Reduction.

Liposome formulation.

Protein Extraction - Protein Purification






Solid Lipid Nano Particles.

Preservation applications - UHPH.

Our patented construction ensures quick and easy access for cleaning, inspection and maintenance with low running costs. Versatile valve configurations provide excellent process optimization.

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Homogenising Systems Ltd is based at a light-industrial park in Harlow, north east of London, England. This is within easy reach of Stansted and Luton Airports, serviced by many international airlines, and offers surface transportation to London and other major cities. We operate a worldwide sales organization, and worldwide professional training and service complete the picture.

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Homogenising Systems Limited
11 Longcroft
CM24 8JD
United Kingdom
Company No. 10963094

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