Sterilization and pasteurization by Ultra High Pressure Homogenization - UHPH - is a mechanical technique mainly focused on the treatment of fluid food products. Our versatile Homogenizers offer ultra high pressures up to 60,000 psi (4100 bar) with unrivalled performance for multiple applications.

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Sterilization and pasteurization using UHPH - benefits

  Provides simultaneous sterilization or pasteurization and homogenization of liquid products without damaging their original properties such as nutritional value.

  Can extend product shelf-life through the inactivation of microorganisms, and reduction of particle sizes, allowing for a more physically stable emulsion.

  UHPH often has lower power consumption and costs than other current processing technologies.

UHPH - our High Pressure Homogenizers

  Ultra High pressures up to to 60,000 psi (4100 bar).

  Processing volumes in excess 2000 l/hr (264 US Gallons/hr). Scalable systems from Lab to Production.

  Sophisticated temperature control systems, enabling pre-cooling or pre-heating and post-cooling.

  Easy easy to operate, sterlize and maintain with low ongoing ownership costs.

  CIP and SIP capability.

  Processing options of piston gap valves and micro channels (interaction chambers).

Production scale Homogenizer

Photo of Production Homogenizer used for Sterilization by UHPH

Pilot / Small Production volume Homogenizer

Photo of small production Homogenizer for sterilization - food processing

Stansted Production Homogenizer

Laboratory scale Homogenizer for R&D

Stansted Production Homogenizer

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